Smoke & Vape Shop – Credit Card Processing Service

When credit card processors compete
for your business, YOU WIN.

Businesses everywhere are overpaying for credit card processing.
We solved that.

Raise a glass! SwipeCard247 offers transparent and low-cost payment solutions for SMOKE & VAPE SHOP.

No Early Termination Fees, No Hidden Fees, No Worries!

Your Smoke & Vape Shop Deserve Better Payments.

Rates as low as 0.03% & $0.03 per swipe + Interchange Rate!

Our Network!

Our immense network of curated providers is actively competing for your business. No matter the size of your business, we’ll find the best payments solution at the lowest possible rate, absolutely free of charge. That means no more pushy salesmen, no more small print, and no more stress.

It’s time to slash high credit card processing fees

“Free Terminal”
Nothing is Free!

Free terminals are never free. Companies offering free terminals are making up that money somewhere else in your agreement, either through fees or surcharges that can really add up.

Verify Interchange Hidden Rates

We verify every single line of interchange to catch any hidden fees. give you selling power. Know if interchange is padded and by how much. Can we detect Level II, III, and other discounts? Of course.

Every 3 Months Statement Audit

We do Pricing Audit Every 3 Months to make sure you are still Paying the rates we have negotiated for you. (when was the last time your agent/Company did Audit?)

Explore More Processing Solutions:

Retail Terminal

Over-the-counter sales have never been easier.

Pin Pad Terminal

Accept contactless payment and provide additional privacy and security at the PIN entry stage.

Wireless Terminal

Go to the customer and finalize their transaction right where they are.

Mobile Processing

Accept payments and track sales right from your phone.

POS Hardware & Software

Advance your business potential with a winning combination of payment technologies and services.

Online Processing

Accept credit cards on your computer or website.