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Markup Fees

Existing Rates
Pass Through Wholesale Fees Cost
Interchange, Dues, Assessments
Markup Discount Rate Volume Rate Cost
Credit/Debit (Visa/MC/Disc) $ %
Credit/Debit (AmEx) $ %
Pin Debit
Padded Interchange Hidden Fee
Access Fee $ %
Other volume fee $ %
Miscellaneous Fee $ %
Total: $0.00
Markup Transactions Rate # of Transactions Authorization Fee Cost
Pin Debit ?
Padded Interchange Hidden Fee
Sales Transaction Fee ?
Other item fee ?
Miscellaneous Transaction Fee ?
Total: $0.00
Monthly Fee Cost
Monthly Service Fee
Monthly Statement Fee
Monthly Breach Insurance Fee
Monthly Data Protection Fee
Monthly PCI Fee
Monthly Non PCI Fee
Monthly Online Reporting Fee
Monthly Wireless Access Fee
Monthly Account on File Fee
Monthly Regulatory Fee
Monthly Minimum Fee
Batch Settlement Fee # of Batch Rate
Miscellaneous Fee
Total: $0.00
Per Occurrence Fee Cost
Chargeback Fee
Retrieval Fee
Voice Authorization Fee
ACH Reject Fee
Pre Arbitration Fee
Tin Invalid Fee
Per Return Item
Miscellaneous Fee
Annual Fees Cost
Annual Fee
Annual PCI
Annual Terminal Fee
Semi Annual Fee
One Time Fees Cost
Application Fee
Set up Fee
Early Termination Fee
Equipment Fees Transaction Fee # of Transactions Cost
POS Hardware
POS Software/Monthly
SwipeCard247 Rates
Volume Rate Cost
$ 0.03%
$ 0.03%
$ 0.02%
$ 0.00%
$ 0.00%
$ 0.00%
Total: $0.00
# of Transactions Authorization Fee Cost
Total: $0.00
# of Batch Rate: 0.00 $0.00
Total: $25.00
Transaction Fee # of Transactions Cost

When a card is Swipe, there are 2 types of fees involves.

Assessment Fees + Interchange Fees = Wholesale Fees
Wholesale Fees + Markup Fees = Total Processing Fee


Not negotiable. Don’t. Even. Try. It


These fees are negotiable.

  • Assessment fees are determined by the card brand/network and not your payment processors. These fees cover the operating costs of credit card networks.
  • Assessment fee is lower than the interchange fee, and it depends on various factors, including the type of card used by the cardholder, the transaction volume, and incidental fees like the costs that come with processing foreign transactions.
  • Merchant pays discount rate and transaction fees to the processing company. One reason it’s so hard to predict the credit card fees merchant will have to pay is that interchange fees aren’t static.
  • Mastercard and Visa adjust/increase their rates twice a year. Interchange fees aren’t small, either. They usually account for between 70% and 90% of the total amount merchants have to pay the processing company.
  • Credit Card or Debit Card
  • Regular Credit Card
  • Business Credit Card
  • Rewards Credit Card
  • Travel Credit Card
  • Among all credit cards the rates will differ based on what type of card your merchant has.
  • Swiped VS Keyed
  • Swiping the card tends to be the cheapest.
  • The rate depends on your category of business, a restaurant will be charge differently than motel which will be charge different than supermarket.

Average Credit Card Interchange and
Assessment fees = Wholesale Fees

Payment Network Average Interchange Fees Assessment Fee
Visa 1.15% + $0.05 to 2.40% + $0.10 0.14%
Mastercard 1.15% + $0.05 to 2.50% + $0.10 Transactions under $1,000: 0.1375%; $1,000 or more: 0.01%
Discover 1.40% + $0.05 to 2.40% + $0.10 0.13%
American Express 1.43% + $0.10 to 3.15% + $0.10 0.15%
Note : Above rates are only for swipe transactions.
Swipe vs Keyed Transaction Rates.

4 Types of Markup Pricing Models

Interchange-Plus Flat Rate Subscription Tiered
Wholesale & markup fees are separate Wholesale & markup fees are blended Wholesale & markup fees are separate Wholesale & markup fees are blended
Markup is a % and per-transaction fee All transactions cost the same, regardless of type and processor Markup is a per-transaction fee plus a flat-rate monthly service fee Rates vary according to whether the transaction meets certain qualifications
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