Message to Merchants – Credit Card Processing Service

Processing Fees Madness

It’s not a rocket science to understand how processing fees work, still all the merchants avoid learning
and gives up their Hard-earned money to processing companies.

Ummm, SwipeCard247?

Businesses everywhere were overpaying for credit card processing fees and that’s why SwipeCard247 decided to solve the issue by offering the lowest rate from multiple processors. Merchant needs to understand that when credit card processor competes for their business, merchant always WIN.


Credit card processing fees are very complicated but it’s easy to learn and understand if you work with team like us.

Current issue we are seeing in the merchant industry is that business owner does not want to learn rather they switch around from one processor to another processor thinking they might get better deal this time.

How much SwipeCard247 make

By giving this low rate, we are currently averaging $10 to $15 per account while merchants are saving on average of $125 to $237 per month.
We also do monthly pricing audit to make sure our merchants are getting the same low rates we negotiated for them.

24/7 Service

Our technical support team is the best in the business, 24/7 availability from our inhouse US based technical support team.
We are in the merchant services business. Without service, there is no merchant.

Free Equipment

We provide Free Terminal and Free POS to all our merchants at the same time we also provide knowledge about how each free terminal and POS are priced in, as you know nothing is free and certainly not in the merchant service industry.

Confusing Pricing

Tired of confusing pricing, our mission is to build the world’s most love payments company, by offering lowest rate in the industry, providing A+ service and educating merchants on processing fees scam.
Pass Through
Wholesale Fees
Assessment Fee (Discount Rate)
Interchange Fee (Discount Rate)
Interchange Fee (Per transaction)
Per Occurrence Fee
Chargeback Fee
Retrieval Fee
Voice Authorization Fee
ACH Reject Fee
Pre-Arbitration Fee
Tin Invalid Fee
Per Return Item
Miscellaneous Fee
Markup Discount Rate
Credit/Debit (Visa/MC/Disc) Credit/Debit (AmEx)
Pin Debit
Padded Interchange Hidden Fee
Access Fee
Other volume fee
Miscellaneous Fee
Annual Fees
Annual Fee
Annual PCI
Annual Terminal Fee
Semi Annual Fee
Markup Transaction Rate
Pin Debit
Padded Interchange Hidden Fee
Sales Transaction Fee
Other-item fee
Miscellaneous Transaction Fee
One Time Fees
Application Fee
Setup Fee
Early Termination Fee
Equipment Fees
POS Hardware
Monthly Fee
Monthly Service Fee
Monthly Statement Fee
Monthly Breach Insurance Fee
Monthly Data Protection Fee
Monthly PCI Fee
Monthly Non-PCI Fee
Monthly Online Reporting Fee
Monthly Wireless Access Fee
Monthly Account on File Fee
Monthly Regulatory Fee
Monthly Minimum Fee
Batch Settlement Fee
Miscellaneous Fee