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What Does Accepting EBT Cost?

This is an easy answer – SwipeCard247 simply charges $0.06/EBT sale. Since EBT is provided by the Federal government, there are no underlying interchange fees, card association fees, or anything else of that nature. An EBT sale will only cost your organization six cents, every time, under all circumstances.


If you are only looking for EBT Service as part of a standard merchant account, there are other account fees, including our standard monthly service fee of $12.00 and $49.95 annual fee.

EBT Terminal

After getting signed up as a SNAP retailer with the government, you are ready to accept EBT payments. So, what exactly do you need? EBT works the same as PIN debit so if you are able to accept PIN debit, you have the hardware you need. PIN debit requires the ability for the customer to enter their PIN to complete a transaction. The use of a PIN programmed terminal or external PIN pad is needed. If you don’t accept pin debit currently, you will need to call us to activate PIN debit on your merchant account. To activate EBT payments, simply call us and supply your FNS number. We will add it to your account and give you the ability to accept EBT within 2-3 business days.
If you have an existing terminal from another source it will not work with our services. Terminals need a special programming for each processor. In that case, we will send you out a free terminal preprogrammed.

Why EBT FNS Number is important?

FNS numbers are actually quite simple. An FNS number is a number issued by the Department of Agriculture this is your account with the government showing you can accept SNAP transactions. Basically, it’s integral for any merchant who wants to take EBT cards. Without one, you’re out of luck. To receive one, you’ll need to apply for a permit at the FNS website and wait to see whether you are approved or denied. Already finished this step? If approved, you can find your seven-digit FNS code printed on your SNAP permit. You’ll need to obtain a new FNS number for every location if you’re a merchant at a farmer’s market or if your business moves, so keep that in mind.

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The credit card terminal offers your business the flexibility to accept credit cards, debit cards, pin debit, EBT card wherever you are. At the counter, on the patio or on the go, it's ready when you are.
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