Exatouch – POS – Features – Credit Card Processing Service


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Main Features

  • Tobacco Scan Data Program
  • Lottery and Scratch Off Ticket Management
  • Daily Email Report
  • Powerful Software
  • Sales and Inventory tracking
  • View Reports
  • Built-in loyalty program
  • Sales analysis/Profit Analysis
  • Live support & training 24/7
  • Reconcile drawer
  • Instant age verification


  • Google Maps (with Delivery Manager)
  • Scan Data Loyalty Program
  • Scan Data Reporting Program
  • Factor4 Loyalty Program
  • Whozz Calling Caller ID
  • eGiftSolutions
  • Support for State of Ohio Liquor Modernization Project (LMP)
  • Support for PA Liquor Control Board
  • Support for State of Michigan Liquor Control Board


  • Automatically email reports to one or multiple addresses
  • POS Cloud dashboard with live sales data
  • Item Movement
  • Sales
  • Financial
  • Customer
  • Purchasing
  • Schedule
  • Staff

Lottery & Scratch Off Ticket Management

  • Detailed Sales and Inventory Reports
  • Scan Scratch-offs with Barcode Reader
  • Complete Pack Tracking
  • Keep Track of Sales
  • Barcode Scanner Support
  • Flexible User-defined data Searches and Ranges
  • Lottery Payout and tracking


  • Accepts all major credit/debit cards
  • Supports chip cards/contactless transactions
  • (EMV/NFC)
  • Tip adjust on EMV transactions
  • FREE gift card processing
  • Mobile processing
  • Pay-at-table/curbside payments
  • QR Code Receipts – SCAN TO PAY!
  • Signature capture
  • Line-busting
  • Cash discounting
  • Next day funding
  • Single deposit for all card types
  • Offline processing
  • Lotto payouts
  • Customer payouts

High Performance Point of Sale

  • Fast and easy customer checkout
  • Simple, intuitive register
  • Customizable register buttons
  • Quick item sale/ring-up
  • Modify quick lock and PIN timeout settings
  • Automatic label printing
  • LReceipt printing
  • Remote printer configuration options (e.g., bar, kitchen, etc.)
  • Scale integration
  • Barcode scanner options for fast checkout/inventory
  • DRV redemption
  • 10″ customer-facing display
  • Affordable POS bundles
  • Back office management

Inventory & Stock Management

  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Inventory receiving tool
  • Item variants/matrix-level inventory
  • Low-inventory alerts
  • Supports multiple SKUs/item
  • Multi-pack items and bulk breakdown
  • Quick product lookup
  • Reorder reports prevent stock depletion

Menu Management

  • Preset menus for special occassions, holidays, etc.
  • Add and define item modifiers
  • Modifier rollup
  • Real-time item tracking
  • Low-item alerts

Order Management

  • Support for dine-in, pickup, delivery, and take-out orders
  • Bar tabs and tab authorization
  • Tableside ordering
  • Coursing/control firing times
  • Special instructions
  • Split or join checks by item or amounts
  • Fresh Sheet
  • Email receipts
  • Price overrides
  • Automatic age verification
  • KDS – Coming Soon

Table Management

  • Multi-zone table mapping/custom floor plan
  • Assign tables to servers
  • Track table status

Delivery Manager

  • Caller ID
  • View customer order history
  • Address verification
  • Set parameters for delivery radius
  • Set delivery fees and mileage options
  • 3rd party delivery accounts (e.g., Uber Eats, Door Dash, etc.)
  • DeliverMe Online Ordering – Coming Soon

Promotions & Discounts

  • Recurring promotions and deals
  • Item-level discounts
  • Buy one, get one
  • Mix and match
  • Happy hour specials
  • Item and category-level promos
  • Frequent buyer discounts
  • Loyalty program
  • Rewards and incentives

Customer Relations & Management

  • Store customer data
  • Store purchase history
  • SMS text/email preferences
  • Email campaigns
  • Birthday greetings
  • Track customer visits
  • Identify top customers


  • Supports clubs and memberships
  • Loyalty and member pricing

Appointment Scheduling

  • Set shifts and schedules
  • Double-book
  • Assign services to employees
  • Match customers with employees
  • Time blocking
  • Appointment status
  • Integrates with staff schedule
  • Appointment confirmations
  • Follow-up and appointment reminders
  • Rebook from history
  • Client notes

Employee Management

  • Employee access cards and PIN
  • Employee scheduling
  • Timekeeping
  • Payroll reconciliation
  • Access and permission controls
  • Define staff and user types
  • Customer payouts
  • Sales performance
  • Employee activity
  • Split shifts
  • Tip reporting

Purchasing & Vendor Management

  • Link items to vendor
  • Create purchase orders
  • Email PO to vendor
  • Reconcile deliveries


  • General tax rates
  • Per unit-tax rates
  • Individual item or service tax rates
  • Pre and post tax rates
  • Tax exempt items
  • Specialty tax


Exatouch makes age verification easy. Swipe or scan a state ID, or just enter a customer’s date of birth with a few touches. Age verification is triggered when you sell an item that has an assigned age requirement, or at your staff’s discretion.

Exatouch can read most state driver’s license and identification cards.

  1. A retail market sells age-restricted materials defines Age Check at 18 for lottery tickets and dry ice, and 21 for alcohol and tobacco purchases. An age verification check occurs when an item enabled for age check is scanned.
  2. A salon requires age verification for any tanning customers who appear under 40. Staffers, at their discretion, tap the Age Check button added to the Register app submenu.
  3. Tip! Exatouch accepts ID cards with compatible magstripes. Some state-issued IDs use barcodes instead of magstripes. Exatouch offers a 2D VCS Scanner peripheral which scans barcodes, allowing a majority of state-issued IDs to be scanned. This means that restaurants and retailers can scan state-issued ID cards to verify their customer’s ages! If you are interested in ordering the 2D VCS Scanner, contact your Electronic Payments representative for details.


  1. If card swiping and scanning fails, tap Manual Entry to enter the date using the calendar work area.
  2. If available, tap Override to skip age verification. An age verification override message displays in the Register app, prints on receipts, and is included in appropriate reports.

Newly Expanded – Customization and Display options for the Customer Facing Display (CFD)

We’ve expanded the customization and display options on your Customer Facing Display (CFD) to include:
  1. Display Cash and Credit totals, reflecting Checkout Fees and tender discounts (if applicable)
  2. Expanded image storage – rotate through multiple image groups using time-based settings.
  3. Add text to messages – Announce specials, share updates, and more

Added: Expanded Customer Facing Display (CFD) Settings

We’ve consolidated Customer Facing Display (CFD) settings in one location. From Home, navigate to Settings > Preferences > Display to make changes and upload images.
  1. Upload and preview images for Lock Screen, Receipt, CFD/Bematech, Screen Saver (Exatouch), Screen Saver (CFD)
  2. Define and order of display for images (CFD/Bematech)
  3. Set the length of time to display images (CFD/Bematech)
  4. Define promotional messages (CFD/Bematech)
  5. Add your brand logo (Receipt, Lock Screen)
  6. Select a logo display preference (Exatouch, Table Turn, None)

Meet Exatouch POS

Exatouch Point of Sale streamlines industries management with exclusive features and benefits.

A Great Way to Run Your Restaurant

This video walks you through how Exatouch can help your restaurant provide fast and accurate order and payment management, whatever your needs. Copy the link see how: https://help.exatouch.com/knowledge-base/meet-exatouch-pos-restaurant/

An Easy Way to Run Your Store

This video walks you through how Exatouch can help your retail store provide fast and accurate service for a variety of retail needs. Copy the link see how: https://help.exatouch.com/knowledge-base/meet-exatouch-pos-retail/

Add an Item

Before your items are imported by our team, or you add your inventory and menu items, your inventory and menu are blank. Users with appropriate access can add items at any time directly into Exatouch.
  1. To add a new item, navigate from Home to Items > Item Details > and tap New to open the Details tab for a blank item.
  2. Enter item information in available fields in the Details work area. Required fields are Items marked with a red asterisk(*)
  3. Enter or select item information and settings in other work areas (Pricing, Tax & GL, Promos, Inventory, Inventory Options, Purchasing, Modifiers, Inventory Matrix, and Inventory Adjustment)
  4. Tap Save to save your changes.

Place an Order from the Register

  1. From Home, tap Register. Alternatively, the register icon can be selected from the bottom of any screen.
  2. Choose Order Type from: Dine In, Take Out, Pick up, or Delivery.
    Note: Exatouch may prompt you for additional information as required by order type. For example, a delivery order requires a customer name and address for delivery reference. See: Select Order Type
  3. Select Menu Category. You may choose from Quick Picks, Favorites, or other categories such as Appetizers, Sides or Salads.
  4. Select one or multiple items from the menu. Order items will appear on the left-hand side as they are selected.
  5. You may be prompted for additional order details as you select your items. For example, if your customer orders a hamburger, additional Groups of items may appear, and then you can select “Medium Rare” and “Side of Pickles”.
  6. To add another order of the same item, select Repeat line.
  7. Remove an item by selecting Remove line.
  8. Apply a discount by selecting an item and clicking Discount.
  9. Select Save order to send the order to the kitchen.

Remove an Item from an Order

  1. In the Register section, highlight an item that you wish to remove.
  2. Select Remove Line.

To learn more using the Register App, visit the links below: