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Scan data is a loyalty program where companies like Cigarette manufacturer gather Cigarette utilization from Retailers. Retailers can take advantage of this great opportunity for more profit from your tobacco sales. Exatouch POS for Scan Data is fully automated which make it hassle free for you.

Paying software and support fee for your POS?

Strategize your POS monthly fee by using this program now, plus company brands offer discounts that can be passed right back to your customers, allowing you to be more competitive in your pricing.

  1. Have a Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds account?
    To set up your Philip Morris account call (866)928-3510
    To set up your RJ Reynolds account call (800)974-2227
  2. Call Tech Team to join Scan Data Program by providing your account number given by the representative from the tobacco company.
  3. Our Exatouch POS Team reaches out to the Tobacco Company to get you on board. (It takes 7 days to hear back from Tobacco Company to provide them with FTP)
  4. Tobacco Company will ask Test Transactional Data for 1 month to check if they stay compliant with the rules of the program for a month. (Note: This means merchant needs to start participating with the program like Multi Pack & Loyalty Program Discount for testing without having it being refunded by the tobacco company.)
  5. Once Tobacco company is done reviewing your company and all looks good, you can start participating the program and Tobacco company can start paying you.
Note: Not everybody will qualify to participate in this program, the main reasons are the volume that you sell (meaning you sell enough to make it worth it). Another reason is the initial investment (the cost of giving discount for a month without having it being refunded.)
The Scan Data function makes available part of your sales data, which is particularly only the sales figures for trend analyses and studying for companies such as Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds Brands etc. Exatouch POS is certified with major companies for Scan Data. These companies provide motivational incentives for providing such sales trends data at regular intervals. Such data is asked for, to improve their production & delivery timelines to various regions as well as restructure any or all sales promotion-based activities for further driving up their sales. The benefits of these reports, which need to be sent regularly, is reflected in your bank accounts through our Buy Down function!
But many other POS systems don’t offer this service, so you have to be limited with extra earning and incentives.
Thankfully, with Exatouch POS, your scan data can be easily shared with them. Many companies like Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds Brands make use of this data to improve their inventory process and to gain insight into what is selling and what is not. In return, they offer you discounts that can be passed right back to your customers, allowing you to be more competitive in your pricing.
And there are even more than financial incentives. Vendors often use the data to help you with reordering and maintaining sponsored promotions. Start taking advantage of this great opportunity for more profit. Exatouch POS submits the necessary data for you to comply with the program requirements.
Many of our merchants makes over $650 yearly per store for using scan data service. Though you may earn much more using this service.



Unlock the opportunity to earn additional profits from your tobacco sales with Exatouch Point of Sale! Consumers love a good incentive, and now Exatouch makes it easier for you to stay competitive while enjoying significant rebates that you can pass on to your customers! Offering direct transmission of your sales reports, this enhanced feature enables tobacco retailers like you to seamlessly transmit pertinent sales figures via Scan Data’s Reporting Programs – meaning your store can earn money on every tobacco sale you make!

Scan Data’s Reporting Programs for RJ Reynolds and Philip Morris offer rebates up to $0.15/carton to retailers who provide their tobacco sales data reports. With automatic and on-demand transmission options, Exatouch takes the work out of accounting for these figures, enabling you to get your quarterly rebates even faster! Used for market research, the data collected makes it possible for tobacco manufacturers to gain insight into sales specific to your area and extend special offers, such as multi-pack and brand loyalty discounts.

The Scan Data Loyalty app furthers the initial Scan Data integration, which offers merchants automatic reporting of tobacco sales to manufacturers in order to receive rebates. The new app empowers merchants, particularly convenience store owners and grocers, to:

  • Obtain additional incentives from the leading tobacco manufacturers
  • Increase your sales and gain customer loyalty.
  • Remain competitive amongst big box retailers.
  • Gain added insight into sales by brand, tobacco type, and packs vs cartons.
  • Base your inventory orders off of report data and eliminate zero movement items.


The term “Scan Data”, as defined by tobacco manufacturers, describes the collection of transaction-level item sales data from participating retailers. The manufacturers in return provide incentive money that is paid to the retailer and discounts to the consumer that are funded by the manufacturer.
Yes, it’s a free provided to any merchant who is using Exatouch POS System.
Note: If you are using a terminal then scan data program will not work. It requires POS.
Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds.
RJ Reynolds and Philip Morris offer rebates up to $0.15/carton to retailers who provide their tobacco sales data reports. Rebate checks are sent directly to retailers quarterly from the tobacco manufacturers. We do not collect any part of retailers’ rebates.
Multi pack/can is a discount (i.e. Buy two packs, save $0.50 on Marlboro) offered to the Consumer by participating retailers only. Retailers can offer discounts only after test scan data files have been approved by the tobacco company. The discount amount and specific SKUs eligible may vary throughout the year, however an offering is available to the retailer every sales cycle. The retailer has the opportunity to “opt-in or opt-out” during certain periods or run the program all year round.
Note: Retailers can offer discounts only after test scan data files have been approved by the tobacco company. In other words, we can give you the access through our POS, but it all depends on if you meet certain requirements set by your tobacco company.
The Tobacco Company Representative that helps you out with opening an account is the only person who can assist and advise you on which program they think you should participate in, discount you need to give out based on the state you are in and etc.
The loyalty program is an additional incentive offered to the consumer through the participating retailer that requires a customer ID (number specific to each customer) to be collected during the sale. Typically, a customer phone number is input on the point-of-sale pin pad triggering the additional discount (i.e. Buy two packs of Marlboro and save $1.00). Each tobacco company has specific periods throughout the year that they will allow loyalty discounts to be given. These windows will be different for each product (cigarettes and MST) and will vary across the different tobacco manufacturers. Tobacco sales representatives provide specific discount amounts and dates to run the loyalty programs. Loyalty payments are made monthly.
No need to download a software. You don’t need any additional equipment or scanner; all you need is POS which you will get when you sign up with the POS Program.

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