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Sales Increase in the last 90 days.


Average Consumer Store Visits Increase.


Consumers are loyal to their store.


Average Amount Consumer spent in your store on each visit.

There’s nothing more exciting than inviting customers to experience your brand. eGiftSolutions is the optimal share of mind and we make it easy to get your brand into your customers hands. With eGiftSolutions, you and your customers benefit from:


Free 50 Startup Cards

Free Gift Card Processing

Built-in Loyalty Program

Integrated with Scan Data Program



eGiftSolutions integrates with most major point of sale processing equipment and guarantees
operational stability and accuracy from day one.
eGiftSolutions is the gift card program of choice for leading point of sale systems, including Exatouch® and Clover®.


Display your gift cards in places that experience high customer traffic. Placing gift cards at the check-out counter ensures that your gift cards are the last item customers see before completing their purchase. Simple presentation will increase your gift card sales!
Distribute low-value gift cards, such as $5 or $10, as promotional items. A small gift will stick with the customer long after they leave your store and will encourage repeat visits and word-of-mouth advertising.
If a customer purchases a high-value gift card, give them a $10 or $20 gift card as a gesture of appreciation! They will most likely make a separate trip to redeem the gift card. Such promotions also increase post-holiday sales as a majority of gift cards are sold during the holiday season.
When popular items go out of stock, place a gift card display beside the item. Customers can purchase and return with their gift card when the item is back in stock! Be sure to provide an estimated restock date, if possible.
Card purchases are made before upcoming holidays or events. Promote your gift cards in advance to take advantage!
Many customers purchase gift cards last minute and are unsure what a proper amount might be. A list of items for $25, $50 and $100 will suggest the right amount for the buyer.


NOTE: You must use our credit card processing service in order to get gift card processing service.
Within 90 days of becoming a valued merchant partner, you can experience the leading gift card program with no contracts or hidden fees! You’ll receive 50 pre-designed gift cards and enjoy free* processing. After 90 days the cost will be:
There are no gift card processing fees, only fees that you will pay is to order a gift card which is listed above.
Gift cards orders will arrive within 10-15 business days.
No. However, if you request an original design be created by our in-house graphics team or require numerous revisions, updates, and re-uploads of your own artwork, you may be charged an additional hourly fee. We will not charge any fees without your approval.
Yes! You can email artwork to and we will add your logo and/or your custom design onto the cards at no additional cost.
We support most of all POS equipment on the market today, including Exatouch® and Clover®, and work with the top brands, such as VeriFone, Nurit, Hypercom, DataCap and MICROS. We also have a virtual terminal (a convenient, online processing gateway).
Yes, pooling is supported. Pooling is the debiting and crediting of funds amongst various locations of a corporate gift cad program. When a card is activated at Location A and redeemed at Location B, Location A has taken in the funds from the card activation and B has sold products or services after redeeming value on the card. Pooling is when we debit Location A for sale that Location B redeemed and needs to be funded for.
You and your customers can check card balances 24/7 at or by calling our Interactive Voice Response phone number at 877-643-8225.
All QuickStart orders receive envelopes only. Custom orders receive a complimentary marketing kit containing envelopes, stickers, acrylic displays and more.
Shipping is added to all orders at the time of processing and is at a pass-through from our shipping company (UPS/FedEx).
We will debit your account or charge your credit card once the proof is approved. After the proof is approved, all sales are final, and no changes can be made.

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