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for your business, you win.

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Lowest Rates Guaranteed

Cardless Paytech eliminates most credit card processing fees, finding you the best solution at the lowest rate... guaranteed.

Lowest Rates

When credit card processors compete for your business, you win. Cardless Paytech will create a bidding war over your account giving you the lowest rates available.

Comprehensive Solution

No matter how simple or complex you accept payments, we will make sure to curate providers that integrate into your processes.

More Profit

Whether you become a member or not, you will leave with the best rate and solution for your business. We will continually find you cost savings and resolve any issues you may have.

In a world of transactions, we have put more than  $5,231,156.68  back into business owners’ bank accounts, saving them  $5,478.00  on average.


Stay on top of your rates with
Cardless Paytech.

Lowest rates. No contract. Free Terminal.

Our network!

Our immense network of curated providers are actively competing for your business. No matter the size of your business, we’ll find the best payments solution at the lowest possible rate, absolutely free of charge. That means no more pushy salesmen, no more small print, and no more stress.

We’re good at what we do, and we’re proud to do it. Cardless Paytech ensure that you not only get the best solution at the lowest rate, but we keep finding you solution forever, not just after signing the first contract.

More Profit.

We often get asked, why did we start the company? It’s simple. Contracts are confusing, pricing always changes, solutions are not enough, and service is sub-par. Therefore, merchants of all sizes are exhausted with the high rates associated with credit card processing and there hasn’t been an easy solution to find a better alternative. Not anymore – we solved that!

Setup payments the way you want

Enjoy a completely customizable and flexible payments solution for any marketplace business model.

Processing Statement Audits

Statements are long, convoluted, and full of unfamiliar terms. Reviewing statements is a pain but ignoring them completely will cost you. We do statements reviewed quarterly or monthly by request. If we find anything inappropriate, we’ll make it right.

Rate Lock Guarantee

We want to make sure that your rates never increase which is why we always double check them during our regular audits. If your processing company is unwilling to keep your same rate, we’ll get you paired up with another processor at the rates you enjoyed previously.

Rate Matching Assistance

Rate Matching Assistance (Image) If you’re stuck with your current point-of-sale, management, or ecommerce software’s payments provider, we’ll make sure you aren’t overcharged. Even if you can’t switch, we’ll complete a consultation to produce real, competitive quotes, giving you strong leverage to negotiate lower rates.

Zero Processing Fees

You Don’t have to pay to get paid with our Free or Zero Processing Services. This is an alternative service we offer if merchants wants to save on their processing fees.

Chargeback Protection

If your business has had trouble with chargebacks, there’s no need to stress. We have access to top-of-the-line chargeback protection services, guaranteed to resolve of win disputes before they become chargebacks, prevent fraud, and protect your merchant account.

Wholesale Hardware

Most businesses are offered overpriced hardware or unfavorable leasing options by their provider. Avoid processor and distributer markups on payments hardware. We have access to distributor pricing on most terminals and will allow you to buy them at cost with no minimum purchase required.

Businesses everywhere are overpaying for credit card processing.
We solved that.

Make Money from your own credit card processing fees!

Get Instant lowest rates quote from 100+ A++ Rated Processing companies in our network.


Or “Reprogram” Your Existing Terminal with Lower Rates

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